Omega College

About Omega College

Omega College is one of the leading and popular college among the student. Omega College known for quality education, discipline, rules and regulations. Omega College established by Mr. Rajeshwar Vitnerkar in 2009.

The Motto of Omega College is "विद्या चरित्रं रचयति". Omega College follows its motto and provide quality education along with developing skills and moral values. The Omega College aims to provide knowledge of modern subjects with strong background of traditional subject.

India's shift in economic policies has opened enormous vistas of opportunity with new dimensions in educational fields of computers, management, commerce, science and technology. Success of an individual depends on one's knowledge, effective communication skills, physical and mental robustness and values. Omega College cares the needs of the students in the changed environments and endeavors to inculcate confidence among students in facing the intricate challenges with an aim to succeed in life. Availing of opportunity at right manner lead one to succeed.

Vision and Objective Of Omega College

  • Quality education with affordable fees
  • Making a student who have following characteristics such as honesty, leadership,discipline,responsible, intelligence, kind,nature lover etc.
  • Making a student character along with quality education.
  • Making a student who have quality of become a good emlployee and employer.
  • Making a student who have quality of ledership and can lead his nation, state, city, team members, community members and achive all goal.
  • Making a knowledgeable student who can solve critical problems and lead the nation.

Chairman Desk

Our philosophy of education has always been strived on nurturing the values so that an individual can play the positive role in fulfilling the needs of own life as well as society and nation. Thus contribution in making a happy society requires certain skills. These skills can not be earned in a day or two; it is a long term phenomenon.

The question arises that what is the agency to perform this role? The answer comes from all directions … the process of Education is the only way to fulfil the goals to make a progressive and happy society where the basic principle of Bharteey philosophy as ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah can be accomplished in real terms. We the teachers training institutions can become the catalyst to bring a positive and desirable change in the prevailing unsatisfactory conditions .

Dear students and colleagues let us accept this challenge. The teachers training institution is not only a centre to fulfil the course to achieve the degree but we have to create an environment to nurture the personality of a ‘Teacher’ which can perform the stellar role.

(Mr. Rajeshwar Vitnerkar)

Our Campus

A person becomes aware of culture & organized life from surroundings The college Building is located in the midst of city. The ambience and environment of the college is so designed & landscaped that it has a very pleasing impact. On pupil-teacher’s mind that is motivating them to come to the college happily & study with enthusiasm.

This educational institution is established on a large land of 12000 square feet. which comprises of 20 rooms out of which 6 rooms are used for Computers Lab, Physics Lab, Library, Ncc and NSS Office, Canteen, MP Online Office and others are used for Lecture Rooms, Seminar Rooms , Conference and Office work etc.

Facilities Offered

Smart Class Room
Computer Lab
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Seminars and workshops on various topics
Spoken English & Personality Development
Computer H/W & N/W Training
Defence Training
Cultural Activities and Educational Tour
Play Ground
Indoor Games and Outdoor Games
MP Online Office
CCTV Surveillance

83/17/3 Madhav Club Road, ICICI Bank Gali, Near Satyam Apartment,Teen Batti Chouraha,Freeganj Ujjain 456010 M.P.