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Last Year Exam Papers

Omega College brings you the facility to access the Vikram University and MCU previous year's question papers of BCA,, BBA and B.Com,PGDCA, DCA courses at just one click. Question papers of all (BCA,, BBA and B.Com, PGDCA and DCA) of all the semesters are just a click away. Practice makes a student perfect and confident; the more you have the exposure to Vikram University and MCU old questions papers the more are the chances of you scoring better in exams. This will not only help you prepare better, but here you will get the access to all previous year's questions just at one click. Just feed in the information, click and you are sorted. Now have the access to all Vikram University old papers at the comfort of your home and prepare in peace to win. Do well students and Best of Luck.

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Collapse BCABCA
Collapse 1st-SEM1st-SEM
Collapse 20122012
I-223 Mathematical Foundations Of Computer Science.pdf
I-226 Communication Skills-I.pdf
Collapse 20132013
D-533 Mathematical Foundation Of Computer Science.pdf
D-534 PC Packages.pdf
D-535 Accounting And Financial Management.pdf
Collapse 20142014
F-291 Fundamentals of Computer Science And Information Technology.pdf
F-293 Mathematical Foundations Of Computer Science.pdf
F-294 PC Packages.pdf
F-295 Accounting _ Financial Management.pdf
F-296 Communication Skills-I.pdf
Collapse 20152015
H-222 Programming _ Problem Solving in C.pdf
H-223 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science.pdf
H-226 Communication Skills-I.pdf
Collapse 20162016
J-241 Fundamental of Computer Science _ Information Technology.pdf
J-242 Programming _ Problem Solving In C.pdf
J-243 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science.pdf
J-244 Pc Pakages.pdf
J-246 Communication Skills-I.pdf
Collapse 2nd-SEM2nd-SEM
Collapse 20142014
E-271 Operating Systems.pdf
E-272 Advanced Programming In `C` with UNIX-LINUX.pdf
E-273 Digital Electronics.pdf
E-275 Database Management System.pdf
Collapse 20152015
G-311 Operating Systems.pdf
G-312 Advanced Programming in `C` with UNIX-LINUX.pdf
G-313 Digital Electronics.pdf
G-314 Object Oriented Programming Methodology with C++.pdf
G-315 Database Management System.pdf
G-316 Priciples of Management _ Managerial Economics.pdf
Collapse 3rd-SEM3rd-SEM
Collapse 20142014
F-312 Internet _ E-Commerce.pdf
F-313 Information System Design and Implementation.pdf
Collapse 4th-SEM4th-SEM
Collapse 20162016
I-231 Programming with Visual Basic.pdf
I-232 System Analysis _ Design.pdf
I-233 Artificial Intelligence and Expert System.pdf
I-234 RDBMS using Oracle.pdf
I-235 Enterprise Resource planning.pdf
Collapse 5th-SEM5th-SEM
Collapse 20122012
I-281 Software Engineering.pdf
I-283 Microprocessor _ Interfacing.pdf
I-285 Software Testing _ Project Management.pdf
Collapse 20142014
F-331 Software Engineering.pdf
F-334 Internet Technology with ASP.NET _ C++.pdf
F-335 Software Testing _ Project Management.pdf
Collapse 20152015
H-261 Software Engineering.pdf
H-262 Programming wih Java.pdf
H-263 Microprocessor _ Interfacing.pdf
H-264 Internet Technology with ASp.NET _ C#.pdf
H-265 Software Testing _ Project Management.pdf
BBA old exam papers will be uploaded soon.
Bsc old exam papers will be uploaded soon.
BCOM old exam papers will be uploaded soon.

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